I have had a Web site online continuously since the late 1980s when we had to use Notepad to write the html code and test it in a Unix browser. Later FrontPage came along and then everyone was going online with their own sites.

My original use of the page was primarily for my students; I was one of the first teachers in NYC to be using the Web for homework that was submitted using forms, and creating and posting PowerPoint presentations of the classwork for absentees. I ultimately created a complete "distance," or "independent learning experience" system in the school. The first, I was told, in the city. I never got much credit for any of the work I did, but I did get to teach one less class and leave early.

The low esteem the other male teachers felt for me was surprising, or maybe not: just about all of them had become teachers to avoid the draft and Vietnam, and here I was, the Vietnam survivor, and USAF pilot, and I rubbed that in: had my Tiger Shot on my classroom closet door.  

The only good thing about teaching was getting to reach out to the kids and help them, and yes, they really did wait on line to get into my classes. Long time ago.

The background of these pages is a picture I shot while flying in four-ship formation in USAF pilot training, or UPT. There are a lot more of these and videos on the 69-03 site that is linked above. Well, the menu is above, go have a look, or don't.

There is a memorial for our beloved Mopsey at the beginning of the Dogs and Cats page, she was wonderful and Rufus and I miss her very much.

I have also put up a photo display of NYPD photos of 9-11, for those whose memories are short.

Oh, for what it is worth (yeah, I know FWIW, but I prefer words), at the height of my web publishing, computer building, and answering other peoples' questions, I was never really a geek, meaning a technical computer guy. I never learned to write programmming code other than html, which I regret.

I do not keep up with the latest trends (in anything), so you will find a lot of Silverlight, DeepZoom, Flash, and other semi-lapsed technologies here, even some HTML5. If you use IE 11, you get to see everything. If you use Edge, good luck. Been giving some thought to re-writing the whole site to HTML5 standards, and I might get to that someday. But for now the site seems too big to do it and I am not sure anyone cares, not even me.