My original blog had begun in May 2012, and in addition to what I considered to be interesting content, there was a lot of anger about the divorce, the legal system, and the courts. I have decided that it is best to start this blog anew.

The "Blog 2" page is still intact. I regret that along with a lot of material that reflected the matrimonial situation in my life was some pretty good stuff about the dogs, the park, etc. I will slowly edit the old blog page and move the stuff I think is constructive over here.


9 May 2012

Went to Dog Park with Mopsey & Rufus today, even though it was raining hard enough to beat the band - in fact, we spent some short time on the covered band stand. It did not seem to bother them much, nor me; so we stayed forBand Gazebo about an hour and saw just a few of the other dog people. ("Dog people": sounds like some low budget movie they would show on the Sci Fi channel. Some of the people in dog park ought to be in a low budget Sci Fi movie.) We try to start off each day off with a visit to Dog Park, been doing it for years. We only miss when I have an early appointment, or on Sunday when I get to sleep late, then go to church. (Gee, this is really boring, huh? In the words of James Thurber: "My Life and Welcome to It".)Gazebo

10 May 12

Beautiful morning this day. This picture of Mopsey and Rufus actually has the sky pasted in from a different picture of the sky taken at the same time and in the same location as this picture. Hard to get their faces right and the splendour of that sky on the Blackberry. This evening, while eating dinner, I heard a fluttering sound behind me. I gave it Mopsey & Rufusno mind as the place is noisy, with the train, Mopsey, Rufus and Tom and Huckleberry, the cats. Then I heard it again and took a look, and sure enough a large bird, probably a grackle (love that name) is sitting on the ledge of the bay window in front and pecking at the glass.
Clearly, Huckleberry, the murderous little wretch, caught the bird and brought it in through the dog/cat door. Well, I managed to get the front door open and the bird flew out, bumping right into Huckleberry who was apparently observing things through the window, little bastard. He caught the bird again and I took off after him with the leaf rake ready to deal Duckswith him, but he disappeared over the fence, and turned up later with no bird.
Anybody want a pair of cats?

03 September 2015

So, here I am again. I have not done a thing with this blog since the end of the divorce; just no interest in writing something nobody, at least nobody I know of, is reading. However, lacking anything else of more importance than watering the lawn, I figure I will do a rough update here.

Spent nearly a month in hospital with severe pneumonia. One week at the VA Medical Center and three at Sloane-Kettering. Initially I thought I had lung cancer from the symptoms that I recall my sister telling me. She was diagnosed with cancer in her left lung around Memorial Day, two years ago, and was dead by Labor Day. I got her a consult at Sloane-Kettering, but she was happy with the University of Miami Hospital. They took out her left lung, and then the cancer had spread to her kidneys liver and brain. The doctors said they had never seen cancer spread so fast. So that is what I figured I had.

I called the Pastor and he came over. Told him I could not breathe. On that day, 16 July, I mowed the lawn, gave the dogs a bath, and nearly passed out on the stairs, hyperventilating. We were heading for MSKCC but I told him to go to the closer VA since I was having a real problem breathing. Got admitted at the VA, and I remember that the food was so bad you could not tell what it was they had brought you to eat. Then, and Pastor Omar was there, so he can vouch for this, the doctor comes in, wheels a bed table next to my bed and tells me to hold the table with both hands. So I do, then two orderlies come and hold my wrists, before I can ask what is going on, I have been given a local anesthesia and they inserted a drain in my left lung's pleural whatsis. I really screamed on that one. I was surprised they did not give me stick or piece of leather to bite on. (Later, when Sloane-Kettering inserted a drain, at least they put me out, holy shit, real John Wayne scene.)

The whole event was screwed up. I did not think I was going to be held in the hospital, and did not dream I would be in there for a few days short of a month. However, between the VA draining 3 liters of fluid from my left lung, and MSK draining another 3.5 liters, I had a pretty nasty case of pneumonia. I am still breathing oxygen, which I do seem to need.

Pastor Omar and Joe took care of the dogs, I knew that would be nuts, and when I got home Rufus had given himself a hotspot as big as a grapefruit on his thigh. Nobody wanted to tell me, they wanted to keep the bad news from me; however, had they told me I would have had them use the Chlorhexidene that works great on hotspots. Oh well, we all survived.

Marley was quite helpful coming over and spending time with the dogs. Although she probably did a peremptory search of the house and wrote herself a couple of checks, with my approval, for expenses and such. She has been a real help. I am sure Joe, her consort, realizes there is nothing of any substance between us other than Katie, so being civil and helpful is a good thing. Joe (Marley's) was also a great help; especially when I had car problems and thought it was the battery. Marley and Joe went off and picked up a battery for me. Turned out it was the alternator and some other stuff, so now I have two batteries. Oh well, better than none.

Let's see, what else can I touch on here? Oh yeah, my father is 105 years old and likely in better health than I am. Hard to think you are an old fart when your father calls you up, makes no sense, and hangs up on you. But, God bless him, and I truly mean that, Lord, let your blessings rain down upon him.

Been thinking of baking scones, but have no cream. Maybe I will go to the local deli and get some. Think this is enough for now. More later, maybe.

11 January 2016

2016, imagine that. Never thought I would live to see 30, now I am as old as my grandfather was when he died, also of cancer.

02 February 2016

On 28 January 2016, our beloved Mopsey departed this world.

There is more complete coverage on the Dogs Pages.

It is very lonely and quiet for Rufus and myself now, we have lost our girl.