In 1927 my father was on a baseball team that was the Brooklyn champion.

They played against the 1927 Bronx champion team at McCombs Dam Park, which was next door to Yankee Stadium.

The Bronx team was coached by Babe Ruth, the Brooklyn's by Lou Gehrig.

My sister told the Yankees that my father is going to be 106 on 03 June 2016, and the Yankees sent him a ton of stuff and they are going to do some special thing for him at a game if he comes up from Florida (P.S., he chose not to).

Dad has outlived my mother and my sister; will probably outlive my brother who is in grim shape (he did), and me? I don't know.  (Guess not.)

That is the problem with living forever, everyone you knew is dead. Remarkable, there is nothing wrong with him, no senility, no disease. He is as annoying as they were back when they forgot I was coming home from Vietnam and left me at the airport, renamed John F. Kennedy, from Idlewilde.

God bless him, and all of us, too.